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I lead a virtual writing group open to writers of all genre and experience levels. A donation is requested for entry to support my work organizing and moderating the group. Read the full guidelines for more information.

My personal mission in organizing the writing group is to create space for radical authenticity, to support writers and aspiring writers in creating and publishing their work, and to encourage the practice of writing as a vehicle for liberating ourselves from the logic of oppressive systems (empire, capitalism, white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy). This writing group is intimately tied to the mobile social justice library and will include and celebrate work by authors in the collection whenever possible. We celebrate and uplift writers of color, trans and queer writers, refugee and immigrant writers, disabled and neurodivergent writers, and all writers imagining freer more tender worlds. All levels of experience and genre interest are welcome. You can write to me at any time to voice comments or concerns.

You can fill out this form to join the writing group. We meet on the 2nd Sunday and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7 PM EST. After signing up, I will add you to an email list where you will receive regular invites to the virtual meeting, along with other writers' pieces that we will workshop. Please come to the meeting having already read the work we will discuss. Once you sign up, your name and email will be viewable by other members of the group.


Use this form to send in a piece to be workshopped by the writing group. The piece must be 50 pages or fewer, but there is no minimum length requirement. Once received, you will be offered the soonest available writing workshop slot two weeks out from the date submitted. Your work will be shared with the other group members to be read and critiqued on the date your workshop is scheduled.


We close each meeting with a prompt, inspired by a passage of writing, to help us write in fun, fresh ways. This is play time! Use this form to suggest a prompt for us to write to together. More readers and writers sourcing prompts means a wider variety of kinds, colors, textures, styles, genres, and topics we can explore in writing.

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