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Each of our resource kits can be freely accessed and shared via Google Docs. We create and add new ones according to our need and ability. They include reading guides, booklists, and lists of local organizations serving at-risk people.

Contact us to request resources you might need. We are here to help.

Slow down. Check in with yourself. Reach out for help when you need it. We are all doing too much to keep up with a pandemic that continues to kill us by the thousands each day. Our government has abandoned us. But there are still people who want to help and do so every day. Find helplines, online services, and agencies near you who can connect you to the support you need. You are worthy. Always.

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Reading about anti-racism and white supremacy without further action is not enough. Those of us with the financial means to directly support people of color must do so. Read Ta-Nehisi Coates article "The Case for Reparations" for starters to understand why. Then financially support organizations, Go Fund Me campaigns, and other people and causes directly uplifting and empowering people of color in your community. Get invested in the work they do. Tell friends and family about them. Refer people to their services who could use them. Thank people doing the work. We will continue to add to this resource list as our time and ability allows. Donation links and links to relevant programs and services are included in the doc.


Police presence in the library is dangerous. Period. We risk the physical safety of our Black patrons when the police respond to disturbances in the library. We can and must divest from police presence and invest in our staff and in social services. This slideshow is meant to provide more information about alternatives to police presence in the library as a form of building security, and how to begin a conversation at your library for institutional change. Framed as a ten-step action plan, adapt this framework to suit the needs of your particular institution. Some action is better than none. Access the script and a list of references on slide 2.

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