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Technology Programming Consultation

Plan long-term for funding and sustaining technology-related programs

  • 30 min
  • Project based
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Libraries, senior centers, and other community centers that can plan more holistically and carefully in the long-term have an easier time applying for grants and other funding opportunities that focus on improving digital access and digital literacy. More importantly, they know how to use the money when it's allocated every step of the way, and what kinds of outputs and measures of success to record and report on later. This consultation is, in particular, best suited for small organizations who may not have the staffing availability to both conceptualize and implement long-term technology programming in a way that's responsive to funding priorities. Let us take care of the heavy lifting in developing a program model that's best suited to your organizational size, staffing ability, and desired goals. We have two major technology programming consultation options available, but you can always reach out to ask about other possibilities. 1. Digital Navigator Programming Initiatives These need not be formally recognized digital navigator programs as defined by the IMLS or other State Libraries, but we design scaled down versions of these initiatives for smaller libraries and organizations. This project focuses on improving access to internet and digital literacy for an organization's service population through the strategic purchase of equipment, instructional offerings, and standardized surveying and other methodologies to measure the program's effectiveness. We pay close attention to designing a digital navigator program that reaches the communities who most need access. 2. Digital Programming Optimization Plan Organizations now have to balance the burdens and demands of two different service formats: the in-person services we performed prior to the pandemic and the digital services we performed during it. Take the time now to evaluate and optimize your digital and hybrid programming model(s) as a whole after so many piecemeal adaptations during a time of societal crisis. We will help you identify the tools and equipment you need to offer your programming to the widest range of people with the least burden to your staff possible. We only take on work we can confidently and consistently attend to and will be forthcoming in our limitations up front. All consultation fees are project-based. An initial half-hour meeting to discuss project scope and quotes is free of charge.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us with 24 hour's notice.

Contact Details

(860) 940-2161

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